The new generation of hand stretch films The new generation of hand stretch films

with the orange core

More than 10 per­cent of all hand films are dis­card­ed due to dam­age. We’ve put a stop to that! POLIFLEXX has rein­forced edges and is wrapped softly to pro­vide per­fect pro­tec­tion even if han­dled with less care.

POLIFLEXX with real 300 running metres is available in a film width of 450 mm and 500 mm. It's the latest development to substitute standard hand films in thickness ranging from 17 to 23 µm.

Gain time and energy by using POLIFLEXX!

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due to the special winding and new reinforced edges

Maximum load-unit stability

due to high-performance resins

Reinforced edges

reduced film-breaks and superior tear resistance

Approved for direct food contact

Compliant with 10/2011/EC


for superior load stability


even with little effort

Environmentally friendly

due to reduced material usage

Time saving

thanks to a lower constriction of the film width

Cost saving

less expensive than standard hand films

Excellent Barcode readability

due to maximum transparency

Easy handling

thanks to a low reel-weight

We count on POLIFLEXX

We count on POLIFLEXX

"We use POLIFLEXX as the new hand stretch film, because it adds massively to the required load-unit stability. Thanks to the reinforced edges and the soft wrap there are no damaged reels to sort out."

Peter Hoff

Peter Hoff

Company owner
HOFF Transport und Logistik GmbH & Co.KG

We count on POLIFLEXX

"It was our aim to create a film which reduces the packaging costs and, at the same time, improves the ease of handling. With our new film innovation POLIFLEXX we have achieved this goal."

Peter Hoff

Bastian Runkel

Managing Director